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Graphic ISIS-Themed Halloween Display Outrages New Jersey Neighbors

A New Jersey homeowner's ISIS-themed Halloween display shocked his neighbors, who called the decorations "tasteless" and "un-American," according to published reports.

The graphic decor outside a home in Butler shows an ISIS captive mannequin in a cage, a murdered USA soldier covered in blood, and President Obama wielding a bloody machete as a terrorist, according to NJ.com

"What greater scary man is there than the real threat among us," said the homeowner, who would only identify himself as Matt. 

Matt initially put up the display on Sept. 11 but he has since taken it down. A tableau of a soldier draped in the bloody U.S flag has been vandalized but he plans to put it back up for the holiday. Matt has also made the display less personable by exchanging an Obama mask for a ski mask.

One neighbor, AlexJo Natale, called the Halloween display "tasteless" and "un-American."

"It's his property, he can do what he wants," she said. "It's just not something I would really like to see."

Another neighbor said she planned to post hundreds of photos of soldiers on her lawn on Halloween to counter the ISIS display. 

Trying to show spectators that everyone should fear real threats such as ISIS, Matt told the news site he plans to add security cameras around the display when it is showcased again. 

One of Matt's friends called many of the critics "social justice warriors" who didn't live on the cul de sac.

"I think people are making more of this than it is," the friend said.

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