Frame By Frame Breakdown of the “Wonder Woman” Trailer

We're not going to lie, we were bummed when we heard that the new "Wonder Woman" TV pilot - starring "Friday Night Lights" ingenue Adrianne Palicki - failed to find a network home. But we applaud David E. Kelley and his cohorts for not giving up on it just yet.

Which means, yes, a teaser trailer is now online. For those who aren't up to speed on their Themyscirian warrior princesses, allow us to break it down for you frame by frame so you don't miss a single reference.

Here we go...


Right off the bat, we are faced with Diana herself. Steely-eyed. Steely-bra'd. Ready for action.


She walks towards the camera with great purpose. She's ready to throw down. But with whom?


Um...not sure yet. But she's still on her way.


Wait, what? A logo drop? Already? This is just a tease right? Adrianne's coming back, isn't she?


 OK, cool logo but....really? We're done?

Sigh. Yes. The entire clip is a whopping 7 seconds long and shows absolutely zilch. It's also been posted less than legally on the webs. 

But, hey, we're not giving up on this yet. C'mon...someone pick up this show already...

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