Jamie Foxx Criticized for Allegedly Making Fun of Sign Language

Jamie Foxx is under fire from deaf stars and activists Nyle DiMarco and Marlee Matlin for allegedly mocking sign language during his recent appearance on "The Tonight Show."

Foxx's rep had no immediate comment. In a clip from Thursday's show, shared online over Memorial Day Weekend, he is seen making hand gestures as host Jimmy Fallon tosses to a commercial break.

DiMarco posted the video on his Twitter page Friday. In a statement Saturday he said that Foxx's behavior on the show "should not be tolerated."

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"We simply do not make fun at the expense of other cultures, especially those with a history of being marginalized. When we do this, progress takes a step backward," he said. "Sign Language is important to me because it's the bedrock of Deaf culture."

DiMarco said that Foxx's actions "made our struggle that much harder."

Matlin also took to Twitter to call Foxx out, writing that she'd happily give him sign language lessons so he "could be funnier."

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