Drake Releases New Music Video, Title of Upcoming Album

Check out the rapper's newest video for "Started From the Bottom."

Everyone wins when Drake wins.

"I just tore the sleeve off my Saint Laurent!!! Thank you all! I am so happy," Drizzy tweeted after getting the Grammy for Best Rap Album for "Take Care." And shortly afterward, the rapper revealed the title for his upcoming album (due out this summer) and the music video for his latest single "Started From the Bottom" on his website.

OK, we won't make you wait any longer...

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Drake's new album is called "Nothing Was the Same," and his latest music video is pretty much everything you would expect it to be, judging by the title of the song.

Codirected by Drizzy and Director X, the video travels from the days of soccer games as a kid to working the night shift at a drugstore to becoming a world-famous music artist--who parties like there's no tomorrow (YOLO!). And guess what? He brought his former coworkers along for the ride to the top. Aw, so nice.

There are also some half-naked girls, Drake dancing in the snow alongside a Bentley and a cameo from his mother! Take a look.

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