“Ceremony” Trailer Has Michael Angarano Channeling a Young Sam Rockwell

Could it be that The Fonz's kid is a talented writer-director?

The first trailer for "Ceremony," writer-director Max Winkler's feature-film debut, starring Uma Thruman and Michale Angarano, has arrived and we confess that for all it's twee indie preciousness, we found it pretty amusing.

Angarano plays Sam, a guy who convinces a buddy to tag along as he crashes a wedding in hopes of winning the bride, Zoe, played by Thurman. Will the 17 years in age and 10 inches in height be too much for him to overcome?

Maybe it's Angarano sporting a Sam Rockwellian mustache, maybe it's watching Lee Pace play a Herculean d-bag, who knows? But we're actually looking forward to this one.

"Ceremony" opens April 8.

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