Swift Action Now? Governator's Porsche Parked in Red Zone

Maria Shriver can thank TMZ

It's Maria Shriver's turn to call out her husband.

Just a few weeks after catching Shriver on camera in a red parking zone, TMZ.com has the goods on her husband: a picture of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger parking illegally.

To be honest, the long, wide red stripe was difficult to notice next to Schwarzenegger's sleek, silver Porsche convertible with red interior. But it's there, painted in a Beverly Hills parking lot where Arnold was parked on Saturday, according to the website.

Schwarzenegger's spokesman, Aaron McLear, declined to comment, according to The Associated Press. But TMZ did catch up with Arnold outside an event Tuesday.

"It just shows that nobody's perfect," he said.

The governor thanked TMZ in October after the website published photos of Shriver breaking the state's hands-free cell phone law.

"Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention, @harveylevintmz. There's going to be swift action," said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger via Twitter.

Shriver provided another photo opportunity later that month when her non-emergency vehicle -- a gigantic Cadillac Escalade with  passenger room for the San Diego Chargers -- was caught on camera in a red zone in Santa Monica. Shriver has apologized and moved her SUV.

Red zone violations typically run about $90.

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