Boston City Council Calls to Shut Off All Drinking Fountains at Boston Schools

The request comes amid reports of high lead levels in some schools' drinking water

Boston city councilors are asking school officials to turn off drinking fountains at all schools in the city after high lead levels were reported.

Twelve of the 13 members of the council wrote a letter to Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang and Chairman Michael O'Neill calling for the shut-off.

"Although we understand that BPS has shut down some fountains and is working to remedy the situation, it is still unknown how many other schools have contaminated water supplies," the letter said.

The councillors are concerned that more students will consume water that is contaminated with lead.

"We ask that all drinking fountains in the 125 BPS schools be shut down immediately until all have been appropriately tested and deemed safe for students to drink," they continued in the letter.

So far, lead-related problems were reported in at least six schools.

The affected fountains have been shut off and replaced with bottled water. Two school system employees have been placed on leave pending the results of an investigation into the water fountains.

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