“Babies” Features Adorable Baby Firsts

Director Thomas Balmes spent 400 days filming his four baby subjects around the globe in the movie "Babies."

Not surprisingly, he captured a lot of adorable baby firsts for the movie appropriately opening on Mother's Days Weekend -- from one ultimate first (a birth) to some first tentative first steps. Each of the four babies featured in the film hails from a different corner of the world.

"I would say 60 to 70 percent of the film is firsts for them," Balmes tells PopcornBiz. "The idea was to show as many first times as possible."

But when asked to see where this comes through the most dramatically, Balmes recalls the scene of the Mongolian baby "Bayar."

"In Mongolia you had the party and they are celebrating Chinese New Year and they are singing these very specific Mongolian songs with the throat," Balmes recalls.

"And you can really see for the first time the head of the Mongolian baby Bayar hearing such a crazy sound and you can see in his wide eyes that he has never heard that before," he recalls.

Of course most moviegoers will double over laughing during the scene when Bayar first discovers the many uses of toilet paper or has to share his bathtub with a thirsty goat.

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