“Attack the Block” Remake Possible, Would Help Film Break Into English-Speaking Markets

"Attack the Block" was one of the summer's surprise hits, winning over nearly all who saw it. Now it appears that an American version is possible, as well as a sequel and TV series.

"We've had approaches for a remake and a sequel. We've had approaches for a TV show to spin off it," director Joe Cornish told IFC. "But it's very early days, you know. So it's not out of the question but very early days, and I'd certainly like to do something different for my next thing if I get a chance to do a next thing."

The film, which we hailed as "dark, thrilling, scary, violent, and frequently hilarious," follows a gang of London thugs who find themselves confronted by an alien invasion and decide to take up arms to defend their turf. You can be sure news of an American version already eliciting howls of "Why?!?!?!?" but that won't stop it from happening--though it does seem silly to remake an English film for an American audience.

As for the sequel, Cornish says that breakout star John Boyega has offered up a specific vision for the next chapter, should it happen.

"He had an image of Moses on a police horse. You know the police in London who have those horses they use in riots...somehow Moses has got onto one of those horses. So he's on a horse leading this army of South London kids across the river to take on this bigger wave of aliens. So yeah it's really fun to think of stuff like that and what we could do."

Boyega has been cast in the lead role of "Da Brick," the upcoming HBO series based on the experiences of a young Mike Tyson fresh out of prison and trying to find his way in the world. We're guessing he could make time to attack the block once again, however.

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