Poll Pans American Men’s Bedroom Skills

Survey says Spanish guys are good, Germans stink

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Worldly women say the best lovers are from Spain, the worst are from Germany and guys from the U.S. aren't much to write home about.

The poll of 15,000 women determined that German men stink in bed -- literally. The Brits make the gals do all the work and Americans are too rough, according to the survey, by onepoll.com. As for the best lovers in the world, the Brazilians, Italians, French and Irish stack up just below the Spanish.

The poll asked women from 20 countries to rate nations on the men's abilities in the sack and to give reasons for their answers. But if American men who were rated fifth-worst, want to move up the list by displayng some tenderness, they shouldn't overdo it. Ranked sixth from the bottom were Greek men, who were faulted for being too "lovey-dovey."

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