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80 Children Safely Escorted by Philly Police Away From Gunfire

Sweet images of cops carrying little kids and walking children across the street provided a little hope on an otherwise dark day



    Children Escorted Out of Day Care as Active Shooter Situation Continues

    Six police officers were shot during a firefight with a gunman inside a home in Philadelphia's Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood Wednesday. Around 80 children, some as young as six weeks old, had to stay inside a nearby day care that was on lockdown. NBC10 was there as the children were escorted out by police to be reunited with their parents.

    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019)

    About 80 children were trapped for hours inside a day care center Wednesday following a shooting that left several police officers wounded by gunfire.

    The barricade, which involved two officers and at least one heavily-armed gunman, was a block away from the Precious Babies Learning Academy at the corner of North 15th Street and Erie Avenue.

    But in a scene that gave a little hope to an otherwise dark day, all the children were seen shortly after 7 p.m. getting a police escort from the day care to a safe location.

    The sweet images showed the kids holding hands with the cops, and even some carried by the uniformed officers.

    Before the children were safely removed, the owner of the day care told NBC10 in an interview that her staff kept all the children in "shelter-in-place" mode while they waited for instructions.

    "All the children are safe," the owner, Yvonne Thomas-Curry, said.