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Officer, Reveler Scuffle on St. Patrick's Day

Independent Police Review Authority is reviewing the incident



    Cop, Reveler Scuffle on St. Patrick's Day

    Two different cameras recorded an incident of a St. Patrick's Day reveler berating a Chicago officer in Wrigleyville. A female friend of the man tries to pull him away but he keeps talking and gesturing until the officer had enough. (Published Wednesday, March 21, 2012)

    Chicago police said Wednesday they're aware of an online video showing a scuffle between an officer and a St. Patrick's Day reveler and have referred the matter to the Independent Police Review Authority.

    The pair of videos, apparently shot over the weekend in Wrigleyville, show a young man or woman taunting a bouncer and wrestling with another bar employee before the officer is called in to help.

    The reveler berates the officer while a female friend tries to calm the situation, but the person keeps talking and gesturing until the officer finally has had enough and lifts the reveler off their feet and carries them away.

    The crowd applauded when the person was finally taken into custody. Online comments and passersby approached along Michigan Avenue by NBC Chicago differed in their opinions as to whether the officer went too far.

    "I am no fan of cops but this was in deed a good job," one commenter wrote on the video that's been viewed thousands of times.

    Others said the officer was too aggressive.

    NBC Chicago reached out to the person who recorded the video. He agreed to an interview but then changed his mind.

    The Fraternal Order of Police declined to comment.

    Editor's Note: This post previously identified the reveler as a young man. Online comments and notes to the newsroom, however, indicate the person is a young woman. NBC Chicago's various attempts to confirm this information have so far been unsuccessful.