Workers Repairing Issue That ‘Effectively Cut Off' Water Supply to Suburban Dixmoor

NBC 5 News

Officials in suburban Dixmoor say that they are working to resolve a massive water pressure issue that cut off water to most residents, with a main break now identified as the culprit behind the issues.

According to officials, the main break was located in Harvey, which provides water to the village of Dixmoor. That break is being repaired on Sunday, and repairs are expected to be completed by the end of the weekend.

Officials declared a state of emergency last week regarding ongoing water concerns in the village.

On Saturday, water pressure levels fell dramatically in the community. While pressure levels need to be between 35 and 36 pounds of pressure per square inch in order to effectively service the village, levels fell to single digits at times, far below the threshold required.

“We know the water problems present an emergency situation for our residents and business owners. We know this is an emergency and we are doing everything we can to resolve it,” said Dixmoor Village President Fitzgerald Roberts in a statement. “The village board, village clerk and the village staff – we are all working around the clock.”

 According to a press release, the city of Harvey provides water to Dixmoor, a village of just over 3,500 people approximately 18 miles south of Chicago.

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