Why you Should Hire a Lawyer for Your Business Now

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If you're looking to retain some legal assistance for your company, you might be able to adopt a hiring strategy that takes advantage of an unfortunate trend: According to a recent piece in the Chicago Tribune, there are large clusters of attorneys with 15 years of experience who have been out of work for at least two years.

That means its a buyers market.

Chicagoemploymentattorneysblog.com elaborates on a familiar story: That the older, more experienced workers are shut out from opportunities as cheaper, less qualified, and younger ones swoop right in.

Now, we've also previously written about outlets such as Lawyers For The Creative Arts, which can provide gratis legal advice, and also ExpertBids.com, which can connect individuals and businesses with the type of lawyer they want. But this might be a way to just snatch up a lawyer on whatever basis you need, and on your terms, given as how there's a bunch out there right now looking for work.

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