Who Bears Fans Should Cheer for on Sunday

Since the Super Bowl started, only two have featured the Chicago Bears. The 44 other Bear-less bowls have created a quandary for Chicago fans. Who the heck do we cheer for? It's easy when the Packers are in the game, because we just cheer for their opponent. For Sunday's game, there is no easy way to decide who is one the side of the angels ... and the Bears.

After much deliberation, Grizzly Detail has decided to throw our support behind the New York Giants. Why? Read on.

They knocked the Packers out of the playoffs. Let's face it. Watching the Bears lose to the Pack four times in the 2011 calendar year was not fun. Watching them win the Super Bowl was painful. Another Super Bowl win might have sent Chicago over the edge. New York spared us that pain by not allowing Green Bay to win a single playoff game.

NFC 4 LYFE: The last two Super Bowl have been won by the NFC, the Bears conference. A Giants win would turn that into a hat trick.

For little brothers everywhere: All week, Eli Manning's return to the Super Bowl has been overshadowed by the will-he-won't-he drama of his brother Peyton and Peyton's Neck. How could Eli get back at his brother? By winning another Super Bowl ring, one-upping Peyton's amount of Super Bowl wins.

Do you really want to see Tom Brady win another Super Bowl? He's rich, famous, gorgeous, and married to a super model. His toilets cost more than my car.  He doesn't need to add another Super Bowl ring to all that perfection.

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