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Weightlifting Sounds Rattle Residents of Washington Park Building That Also Houses Gym

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Health-conscious Chicago residents who visit gyms in the morning may be causing frustration for people who are trying to sleep.

NBC 5 first reported about weightlifting noises in residential buildings in late 2019.  And we continue to hear from residents who say the noises are too loud.

Shanna Landheart is a tenant in a Washington Park apartment building who said the attached gym sends noises throughout the entire building.

“It’s annoying. It’s on a daily basis. Sometimes you have to leave your home because it’s unbearable,” said Shanna Landheart.

Gym owner Jason Burns told NBC 5 said he has responded to concerns by having his customers drop their weights on padded mats.

“We do everything we can to limit the noise as much as possible,” Burns said.  “We are open to talking and dialogue.”

But Landheart said her complaints to the gym, building and city have not resulted in fewer loud noises.

“This is our building. We are here to stay, so we deserve to have peace in our home,” Landheart said.

Burns said is willing to meet with the residents.  He also told NBC 5 that his facility helps the community.

“You can’t find fencing anywhere in the Black community. You really can’t find Black-owned swimming clubs in the Black community and so these are things we want to bring, we’ve brought to the community and we feel like we’re bringing value, that if we weren’t here, there’s a lot of services that would not be here either,” Burns said.

The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection said neighbors and/or the local alderman can request a community meeting to address nuisance issues.

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