Warrenville Resident Fined For Graffiti-Covering Mural

Shawna Coronado turned her fence into art after it was vandalized

A Warrenville resident is facing fines for her fence mural designed to deter graffiti vandals.

When Shawna Coronado discovered gang symbols on her fence, she decided to make a statement instead of just removing the graffiti, The Daily Herald reported.

With the help of local artist Peter Thaddeus, Coronado transformed her fence into a work of art. She told the paper she hopes the design will deter vandals and keep her fence free of gang symbols.

Coronado's social experiment is not without controversy. According to the Herald, the Summerlakes Homeowners Association is fining her $30 a month for violating architecture and landscaping bylaws as long as the design is present.

Despite the association's opposition, Coronado has support from the rest of the community. She collected $1,080 in donations from people who love her fence design, and she's using that money to pay her monthly fines.

Coronado understands that she's breaking association rules and complies with the payments.

The design depicts local pollinators and native plants, Coronado told the Herald. Her goal is to encourage community support for environmental issues.

Coronado said she will donate the money if her fence is vandalized again. She has three charities in mind: the Immanuel Food Pantry, Brookfield Zoo and Warrenville in Bloom.

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