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Man Decapitates Himself During Domestic Dispute

Officer found man in truck with cable tied to his neck, nearby tree



    Man Decapitates Himself During Domestic Dispute

    A 46-year-old man who'd recently lived in Chicago reportedly decapitated himself during a domestic disturbance Wednesday morning in Virginia.

    Deputies from the York County (Virginia) Sheriff's Office responded to the call at about 10 a.m. in Yorktown and found a burning utility trailer at the entrance of a subdivision, NBC affiliate WAVY reported.  

    Inside a nearby Ford Explorer that had towed the trailer, a fire department officer said he noticed a cable around driver's neck. The other end was attached to a tree.

    "They tried to convince him to get out. He then accelerated the vehicle, which pulled him out of the vehicle and eventually decapitated him," said Sheriff Danny Diggs, according to ABCNews. "This is one of the most bizarre cases that any of us had ever seen or heard of."

    The vehicle came to rest about 150 yards down the road, WAVY reported.

    The man's name has not been publicly released because his death was ruled a suicide. He leaves behind a wife, teenaged daughter and a son.