Vince Vaughn Pays for Lightning Staff’s Dinner Because “This is Chicago”

Vince Vaughn apparently paid for the Tampa Bay Lightning staff’s dinner at Chicago Cut Steakhouse Tuesday, and he did because “this is how we treat people” in Chicago.

Chicago Cut managing partner David Flom said that Vaughn passed the Lightning's party of 20-- including coach Jon Cooper, his assistant coaches and front office management—and hugged Cooper before the “Old School” and “Wedding Crashers” star sat down for dinner with his party.

Flom said Cooper, whose tab at the restaurant on Sunday was picked up by NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, wanted to pay for Vaughn’s bill but Vaughn wasn’t having it.

Flom said before he could tell Vaughn that Cooper would pay for his bill, Vaughn said he wanted to pay for Cooper's.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Vaughn told Flom “that’s not how we roll in Chicago.”

Vaughn then told Flom he was going to pick up Cooper’s check because “this is Chicago, my town.”

"At that point we let Vince win the battle and the two of them had a chuckle," Flom said.

It's not clear how the pair know each other, but it appears Cooper is a fan of Vaughn.

In an interview last week, Lightning defenseman Mark Barberio told the Lightning have two rules they must follow, and they come from the "Wedding Crashers" movie. The rules include “no excuses, play like a champion” (rule 76) and “don’t look for opportunities, make them” (rule 113).

Vaughn is not shy at showing his Hawks pride. In fact, the actor took this year's Polar Plunge wearing a Blackhawks jersey.

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