Dolton Residents Fed Up With Flooding

Village of Dolton claims railroad companies responsible for flooding

A chance of rain or snow isn’t just an inconvenience for residents of Dolton. It’s a threat of further damage to their homes.

A total of four houses, including an apartment building, in the village have experienced continual flooding for more than 40 years.

With the recent rainfall and melting snow, Rodney Hewitt, a five-year resident of Dolton, and his neighbors have at least an inch accumulating in their basements and completely flooded backyards.

"Water along the walls, mold and feces from the sewer system when it overruns out here," Hewitt said.

Thirty years ago the village tried to solve the problem by installing an additional drain to alleviate flooding in the area, but they cast the blame on railroad companies for the constant flooding.

The village states there are two ditches near the railroad tracks responsible for the water seeping into resident’s homes. They claim it is the railroad’s responsibility to clear the ditches.

Some residents took the problem into their own hands by building a dam to keep the water from their yards, but the village tore it down.

"For two years I didn’t have no water. They came and took the dam up and now we have the water back in our yard," said Jerome Williams, an 11-year resident of the village.

Village officials say they've repeatedly called the railroad companies to clear the water. Dolton residents say they just want a permanent solution.

"I want the mayor here and put another dam across there to stop that water,” Hewitt said.

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