Toews Delivers “Serious” Message to United Center Fans

The Chicago Blackhawks are arguably the hottest ticket in town among sports fans, and with that influx of fans into the United center, captain Jonathan Toews put on his most serious of faces to deliver a message about the etiquette required at a hockey game. 

His message is here, and the Hawks borrowed a bit of NBC television magic to make it happen.

Okay, so the message wasn't that serious. What is serious is the self-control it took for Toews not to crack up while filming this video. That's the type of dedication you'd expect from a two-time Stanley Cup champion.

Eight-year-old Jordan King of Belvidere on Tuesday got to take to the ice with his favorite Chicago Blackhawks. He got some lessons from Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane before later taking on Corey Crawford in a shootout. King’s appearance was put together by the team and the Make A Wish Foundation.
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