Ultimate John Hughes '80s Movie Montage

Shake it up baby, now.

In a frenetic tribute to recently passed North Shore scribe John Hughes, a NY-based audio-visual remix group spliced together four of Hughes' iconic films into a five-minute, highly-entertaining video mashup.

NY trio "Eclectic Method" -- who've achieved online notoriety for mashups like "The Tarantino Mixtape" (interlaced clips from Quentin's flicks) -- created the tribute by using only the music and sounds from four Hughes movies.

The fast-paced encomium starts off with that devious breakfast table grin from Molly's borther in Sixteen Candles, followed by Bueller on his drum set, and his now iconic phrase "the world moves pretty fast; if you don't look around once in awhile, you just might miss it".

From there, the video, like the Broadway show "Rent" sans trash cans, transforms into a sound collage -- Emilio Estevez hitting Judd Nelson, Judd Nelson slapping Anthony Michael Hall, Chet from Weird Science burping, etc.

All the good lines are here too, from Nelson's "you're a neo max zoom dweebie", to Cameron's "swing battah", to Bueller's "this is where Caermon goes berserk".

All in, it's five minutes well spent.

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