Trestman ‘Not Concerned' About Game Day Rain

Rain is in the forecast for Chicago Sunday morning into the early evening hours, which includes the Bears noon kickoff against the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field.

Head Coach Marc Trestman said he isn't too concerned.

"We don't have any control over the weather, we played in some mud at training camp so our guys have been on that kind of field," Trestman said Friday. "I don't expect that the field conditions are going to dramatically impact either team to where any team's going to have an advantage."

Though it seems Vikings NFL MVP Adrian Peterson and Bears running back Matt Forte may benefit the most if it becomes a plodder's game.

Historically, Soldier Field doesn't stand up well when it has been used the week before a Bears game.

The Illini lost to No. 19 Washington 34-24 Saturday night at Soldier Field and the grounds crew has a quick turnaround to keep the field in playing condition less that 12 hours later.

"I talked to Ken (Mrock) about it," Trestman said referring to the Bears head groundskeeper, "he feels like they'll do a good job cleaning it up for the game."

Trestman insists field conditions do matter when it comes to game planning, but more wind conditions rather than rain.

"If you can use the area of the field outside the numbers," Trestman explained. "Fortunately, in terms of the passing game the numbers aren't an issue for Jay (Cutler). He can throw the ball outside in wind and that kind of weather, he's used to doing it."

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