Trainer Says Michael Jordan Was Poisoned Before 1997 “Flu Game”

Tim Grover blames Jordan's sickness on tainted delivery pizza

Getty Images

One of the most poignant highlights of Michael Jordan's legendary basketball career may not have been what it seemed.

Jordan's personal trainer at the time, Tim Grover, told TrueHoop TV that the Bulls star was actually poisoned before the infamous "flu game" in 1997.

Jordan dropped 38 points on the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the Finals, leading the team to a 90-88 win and a 3-2 lead in the series. But Jordan was obviously ill on the court, and appeared to be physically exhausted from flu-like symptoms.

Grover told the outlet that Jordan ate a pizza the night before in his Park City, Utah hotel that was delivered by five men. He says Jordan later called him to his room at 2 a.m. where he was "curled up in the fetal position."

No word from Jordan on whether the trainer's assertation is true.

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