Trail Closed After Coyote Nips at Woman, Dog in Bolingbrook

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Officials in suburban Bolingbrook are investigating after a woman says that she and her dog were attacked by a coyote while walking in a park Sunday morning.

According to officials, animal control was notified Sunday morning after a woman said that a coyote had nipped at her feet and tried to jump on her back while she was walking on the Lily Cache Creek Trail.

The woman and her dog were not injured in the incident, according to authorities.

Officers checked the area and located a coyote, along with what appeared to be its den. The coyote, who appeared healthy and active, according to officers, “gave auditory warnings, with short loud yips” when officers approached.

According to officials, coyotes become protective of dens and their pups, and will defend the area if encountered. Officials believe that is what the coyote was doing during the Sunday incident.

The trail has been closed and marked until further notice, according to authorities. Since coyotes are protected under the Illinois Wildlife Code, a permit must be obtained prior to any attempt to remove one of the animals from its den. It is unclear whether animal control will attempt to do so in this case, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is assisting in evaluating the incident.

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