Tips for Rahm Emanuel to Better Manage Stress

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It’s no secret that managing stress at work is crucial to becoming successful.

Research has shown that stress can have negative impacts on a person’s behavior. In fact, a recent survey by TalentSmart showed 90 percent of top performers know how to manage their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control.

On the heels of Chicago’s first-ever runoff election, it’s clear that politicians are no exception to this need for managing stress in order to succeed.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been the target of much criticism for his “bully” persona, rash outbursts and his frequent inability to control his emotions. He even addressed his personality flaws in an advertisement during his re-election campaign.

But will Emanuel heed to voters’ concerns and try to have a little more self-control when it comes to his emotions?

We’ve gathered a few tips for how to manage stress in the workplace, and Emanuel might want to take note.

Don’t React, Act

Sharon Melnick, a business psychologist and author of Success Under Stress, told Forbes that understanding what you can and can’t control is key to maintaining a level head. She reportedly said a person is in control of their own actions and responses, but not in control of others’ actions and responses. Be in control of yourself and let the rest go.


Proper breathing techniques are known for helping people calm down in times of stress and manage their anxiety levels. Don't just "think before you speak," beathe before you speak. Try a simple yoga technique by inhaling for 10 seconds and exhaling for 10 seconds. 

Learn How to Cool Down Quickly

You can also use your breath to help you cool down when you’re feeling frustrated or hot-headed (ahem, Rahm). Melnick says the anger emotion is often brought on by a heated feeling in your body causing you to react. Try inhaling through your mouth, like you would sip through a straw, and exhaling through your nose before responding to whatever is causing you to feel angered or frustrated. The technique will likely help cool the body down and balance your emotions.

Encourage Yourself

If you’re hearing a lot of negative things about you or your performance, try thinking about the good things you’ve done and remind yourself of your best qualities. Encourage yourself to be better and others might become inspired.

Maintain Perspective

Don’t forget that your version of the story isn’t always the only version of the story. Try to view things from the way others view them and you might not be so angered by a situation. This technique can also help foster an environment that can lead to better compromises.

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