Time to Wave the White Flag, Cubs

It's just not an easy time for the Cubs -- the team or their fans. They haven't won a game in more than a week. Four regular starters and three pitchers are on the disabled list, including gajillion-dollar man Alfonso Soriano and the player of the future, Marlon Byrd. Carlos Zambrano is calling the team "Triple-A," and with the amount of injuries and call-ups, he's not far off.

So what can the Cubs do? There are two options.

One: Hold on. Wait for injuries to subside, give the Triple-A youngsters some experience, and hope that rookie head coach Mike Quade can right the ship. Even if he can't, he'll learn how to deal with all the hoopla that surrounds the Cubs. Sure, they'll finish in last place in the NL Central, but with how bad the season has been, that's likely to happen anyway.

Two: End it. Put this season out of its misery. Send the team home early, and forfeit the remaining 105 games. Hoist a plain, white flag up the W/L flagpole, and use Wrigley as a venue for bachelor parties, concerts and corporate outings. What? That's what it already is? Then it shouldn't hurt to just forgo the season and let the team have some time off to rejuvenate.

Do it. Give Cubs fans a break and just take the season off. It's OK. If this gives us a world series win next year, then we're OK taking this season off.

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