Thrifty Trophy Travels From Tampa To Chicago

Rays won the William Harridge trophy last year

In the category of "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure," a recent trip to a Lincoln Park thrift store left a local baseball fan shocked, then dizzy with excitement, when he came across the William Harridge Trophy, a triumphant-looking statuette given to American League baseball teams for advancing to the World Series.

There, sitting beside a stack of LPs on a shelf at a Salvation Army Thrift Store, was an 8-inch box containing, what turned out to be, a replica of the trophy won by the Tampa Bay Rays on their way to a World Series defeat in 2008.

But how did it end up in a Chicago thrift store and how could it be priced at only $3.95?

David Brown, of "Big League Stew" fame, has his theory.

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