These 6 Souls Dared to Endure Six Flags Great America's 30-Hour Coffin Challenge

Six brave souls endured Six Flags Great America’s 30-hour Coffin Challenge this past weekend.

The event, which ran from 1 p.m. Saturday through 7 p.m. Sunday, hosted participants including a 70-year-old grandma (who is a member of a Hardcore Hearse Club), a local funeral director and embalmer, a paranormal investigator, a participant who lives and works at a cemetery, a student aspiring to be a funeral director, and a participant who claims to be part zombie, part vampire.

These participants were only allowed one bathroom break per hour, just 13 minutes of phone time, receive 15-minute meal breaks—all done inside the coffin as participants would be eliminated otherwise.

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All individuals who partook in this challenge however, were given the opportunity to bring their own pillows, blankets, and/ or sleeping bags for the sake of comfort.

Prizes included $300, two ‘2019 GOLD Season Passes,’ two ‘Express Haunted House’ wristbands, a chance to be in the 'Uprising Parade' and the chance to keep their own coffin.

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The amusement park is about to kick off their seven sinful days of Fright Fest, set to take place Thursday, Oct. 25 – Wednesday, Oct.31.

For more information on the upcoming Halloween event, click here.

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