The Bears Win over a Sad-sack Lions Team

Orton and Defense Come up Big in 34-7 Win

The Bears did learn from the Cubs, apparently. In the Bears 34-7, everyone lent a hand. The offense showed that they have a better strategy than run and pray. The defense would barely let the Lions take a breath. Robbie Gould kicked two field goals, including a 45-yarder. Everyone played well.

Who knew the Bears had a passing game? Orton passed for over 300 yards for the first time in his career. One play in the third quarter particularly stood out. Marty Booker made a catch that should not have been made. Just a few  yards from the end zone, he was being pushed by Lions defender Travis Fisher, fell backward, but still spotted the ball and caught it with one hand while keeping his feet in bounds. The officials originally ruled the pass incomplete, but after review and good sense caught up with them, they reversed the call on the field. After that catch, Forte ran in the touchdown to put the Bears up 24-0.

The Lions did their part to help the Bears win, too. Kitna was benched second half and was replaced by Dan Orlovsky. Orlovsky must be a Bears fan, too, because he threw an interception to Charles Tillman who ran it back for a touchdown. Tillman's pick-six wasn't the only highlight for the Bears' defense. Kitna was sacked three times in the first half, with Marcus Harrison, Alex Brown and Lance Briggs all getting in on the act. Orlovsky was knocked out of the game with a sack by Adewale Ogunleye.

Injuries are still nipping at the Bears' heels, as both Brandon Lloyd and Nathan Vasher sat out today. After Lloyd's fantastic game against the Eagles last week, it hurts to not see him in the game. Tommie Harris is also sitting out with a one-week suspension. Against a better team, these injuries would have made a difference.

Luckily, the Lions were not that better team. The Bears played the way a team should against an inferior opponent, and left no doubt about their place in the NFC North. On behalf of Cubs fans everywhere, thanks, Bears. We needed that.

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