That 5th District Seat a Pricey One

Medill dissects costs of running for Emanuel's Congressional post

When it comes to financing the campaigns, the top candidates running for Rahm Emanuel's seat in the 5th Congressional District special election are raising and spending incredible amounts of money.

With less than two months of campaigning available to those seeking the office, mass mailings and TV commercials have been on overload.

Fundraising has been in high gear from the get go, with Democrat Sara Feigenholtz currently in the lead, having amassed more than $570,000, according to her most recent filings with the Federal Election Commission.

But Medill Reports indicates that it's where and how the candidates are spending their big bucks that may tell us who's likely to win the race.

Not sure if you're in the 5th Congressional District or need to find your polling location?  The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners' Web site has the info you need. 

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