Teens' Paintball Gun Shenanigans Cause Accident

All face criminal charges

Teens, cars and paintball guns are ingredients for trouble. A group of kids from Huntley and Lake in the Hills discovered that mix the hard way.

The group, all boys ages 16 to 19, face criminal charges after using thier paintball gun while they were driving along a Grafton Township roadway on Tuesday, reports the Daily Herald. 

Police say the teens were in two cars around noon on Tuesday when they began shooting each other with paintball pellets and throwing rocks at one another while driving along North Union Road.

As they were getting closer to the Hemmingsen Road intersection, a paintball pellet hit one of the cars, blocking the windshield and obstructing the view of the 16-year-old driver as he was approaching a stop sign. 

"The vehicle traveled into the intersection without stopping and hit a third vehicle," McHenry County Sheriff's Sgt. Don Kalenick  told the Daily Herald.

Neither the teens nor the driver of the third car were hurt.

"It pretty much speaks for itself," Kalenick said of the teens' actions. "Kids goofing around in cars isn't a good idea. It's reckless, it's dangerous and it could have been a lot worse. They were lucky,” he told the Daily Herald.

Police did not arrest any of the teens at the scene of the accident, but Donald S. Preyer, 19, Samuel Cox, 18, and Julio C. De La Cruz, 18, are facing reckless conduct charges reports the Daily Herald.

Because the driver of the car who crashed after getting hit with the paintball pellet is only 16, his case goes to juvenile court.

If a judge decides he or any of the other numbskulls is guilty, they could face a year in jail and $2,500 in fines, plus probation and court supervision.

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