5 Time-Saving Products for the Woman on the Go

Working women these days wear many hats, including mother, breadwinner and homemaker. And one of their biggest complaints is that there just isn’t enough time in the day.

But help is tricking in from female entrepreneurs.

Chicagoan Liz Salcedo invented the Everpurse, a clutch that charges your cell phone. After one night on the charging pad, two lifetimes worth of batteries are at your disposal.

"All you do is drop the phone in the pocket and it starts to charge," she explained. "It’s all integrated directly in the bag. Its super simple."

Lincoln Park boutique Laudi Vidni is working with Salcedo to come up with more styles later this year.

Carrying around too many items? Try the hands-free liftgate from Ford and never fumble for your keys again. With the fob in your pocket or your purse, the hatch of the 2013 Ford Escape compact crossover SUV opens with a kick of the foot.

"If I see something that is going to make my life easier, I am going to go for it," said Chicagoan Renee Paradise.

Forbes included the product on their Top 8 "Killer Car Apps" for 2013.

Every working woman deserves a little spa time. But when?

Prettyquick.com will tell you what salon in your area has an opening with a few clicks of the mouse.

"We facilitate last minute luxury," explained Coco Meers.

She saw how well it works for restaurants with the popular Open Table and thought to do the same for salons.

"For me it could be a last minute meeting during the day cancels and I have time, or if I want to squeeze it in after work," said satisfied customer and busy finance executive Danielle Drabkin.

Get more chores done faster with an Apptivity case for the iPad. Kids can’t break it or accidentally switch off the game. They are busy. You are free.

And at makeup counters everywhere: BB cream. Nearly every cosmetic company has one. It’s an all in one "beauty balm" brought to the states from the Far East.

BB creams hydrate the skin, prime the skin, protect it, treat it and add a little hint of color, all in one application.

Busy women who've tried it say they can't live without it.

"Anything that can shave down time to do anything is priceless," said career mom Nazy Saidi.

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