Talk Trashy to Us, Gary!

Citizens to dump trash at City Hall

We’re doing it, Gary, Ind. We’re officially deeming you the trashiest city in the U.S.

But we’re not talking skirts-too-short and shirts-too-low trashy, we’re talking literal bags upon bags of trash dominating conversation, and Gary citizens’ olfactory senses.

After more than a week of no garbage pickups throughout Gary, the city is talking trash yet again with a protest at Gary City Hall today. Citizens are protesting a proposed trash fee ordinance and garbage pickup privatization.

The MCC Healthcare Services, the Central District Organizing Project, the Glen Ryan Neighbors Organization and citizens who are sick of walking outside to their own pile of stink at the end of the driveway will attend the protest to convince the city to use the trucks and personnel that the city already has to collect garbage.

And what better way to get your point across than to dump bags of uncollected garbage in front of City Hall? That’ll show 'em.

The protest occurs just one day before the Gary Common Council will meet to decide on the proposed ordinance.

You know what they say – if you can’t beat ‘em, bombard their gathering place with homemade stink bombs.

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