Take 2: Scooters Returning to Chicago for Another Trial

The city said it needs more time to study how and when people ride the scooters

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Did you try an electric scooter in Chicago last year? If not, you’ll soon have another four-month trial period to give it a whirl.

The city said it needs more time to study how and when people ride the scooters.

In 2019, several companies participated in an initial trial period, including brands owned by Lyft and Uber. In those trials, more than 820,000 rides were taken, most during the evening rush, and on weekend afternoons. Still, some of the data coming in was not complete enough, according to Rosa Escareno with the city.

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Escareno said officials want to know more about trip-linking with other options like the Chicago Transit Authority and understand why the West Loop and streets along the Blue Line were more popular among riders.

For Chicagoans, some are glad more testing is in store with issues like safety and sidewalks on their mind.

“They we’re lying everywhere," Mike Sage said. "Is that a scooter issue though? Or just people not knowing where to park them?”

“I’m glad they’re not rushing into this,” says Kylana Garrison. “We need more data, and it’s a safety thing. The other vehicle owners need more time to get used to (the scooters).”

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