Swarm of Bees Takes Over Downtown Light Pole, Bikes

A massive swarm of bees took over a light pole and bikes on a busy downtown Chicago street Monday afternoon.

Hundreds of bees flocked to the pole next to a Divvy station at Michigan Avenue and Madison Street.

"There was like a big, massive cloud of them and they just shifted over onto a pole where a bike was at," said witness Joshua Kelly, who works nearby. 

Witnesses reported seeing the swarm around noon Monday.

It was quite a sight for people walking in the city’s Loop, as many stopped to take photos and videos of the unexpected situation. 

Professional beekeepers collected the estimated 7,000 bees around 3 p.m. 

"It was just like a huge swarm of back and yellow," said witness Allison Alleman. "Like a little bit terrifying."

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