Suburban Family Finds Dog After He Escaped From Groomer

A southwest suburban couple devastated after their beloved dog escaped from a groomer got some incredible news Thursday after Cooper was found by a family in Tinley Park. 

According to the Shepard family, another family found the missing pooch near the Odyssey Gold Club in Tinley Park on Thursday. The family declined a reward that had been offered for Cooper's return. 

Cooper had gone missing on Oct. 18 after the family had dropped him off at a groomer in suburban Matteson. When the family returned to the groomer, they had found out the dog had escaped, and they blanketed Matteson and Frankfort with fliers asking for his safe return. 

After nearly two weeks, the family says that another family found the dog near the Tinley Park golf course, and they were reunited with their pet on Thursday. 

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