Suburban Chicago Swimming Pool Opens With Strict Policies

It's one of the few Chicago-area swimming pools to open during the coronavirus pandemic.

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It’s a sight you won’t come across often this summer.

Despite Illinois moving into phase four, Chicago-area residents are having a difficult time finding community swimming pools open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Peterson Park Community Pool in Vernon Township is one of the few pools that opened on July 1.

“You’d have to go almost 40 minutes to get to a beach, so this is truly a service,” said Vernon Township Supervisor Jonathan Altenberg.                            

Temperature checks and masks are required for all guests. You must pass a verbal questionnaire as well.

If your temperature is above 100.3, you’ll be asked to leave.

Social distancing will be enforced by cones on the pool deck. While you can take your mask off in the pool, you must have it on when walking on the pool deck.

“It’s a little unusual. We’re not used to it yet,” parent Lana Fuller said.

But Iyla Margulius said she feels safe. “It’s not very crowded, so we feel just fine.”

While chlorine is enough to kill the virus, sanitizing will be conducted at the end of each shift. Deep cleanings will occur once a week.

Reservations aren’t required but are suggested as there is a 50-person capacity limit.

Recreational swimming is open between noon and 7 p.m. 

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