Multiple Suburbs Losing Two Big-Name Retailers

Romeoville and Matteson found out that they would be losing their Sam’s Clubs this week, but the retailer isn't the only one leaving both towns. 

In three weeks, the Target stores in both locations will close their doors, the company announced. 

The locations, along with 10 other stores across the country, will close on Feb. 3.

The Sam's Club news on Thursday also took customers by surprise. The Matteson location will close on Jan. 26, with the pharmacy slated to close on Feb. 11. 

According to the company, some of the closing stores will be turned into online fulfillment centers, but it isn't known whether the Matteson or Romeoville locations will be used for that purpose. 

"Although this announcement is very disheartening news to the Village of Matteson, the Village will continue to move our community forward as retail continues to shift," Village President Sheila Chalmers-Currin said in a statement. "We will hold a town hall meeting in the very near future to share the direction and vision of the Village of Matteson." 

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