Bulls Commentator Another Reason to Look Forward to Season

The Bulls TV colorman has kept fans laughing and entertained since 2007

For fans of the Chicago Bulls, the next best thing to being at the United Center taking in a game is watching on TV and listening to Stacey King call the game.

King was a member of the Bulls first three-peat squad and has been a color commentator for the team since 2007.

Fans have grown to love King’s energy on television and have taken to his many catchphrases and nicknames that he’s attached to the players. From saying Derrick Rose is, "too big, too strong, too fast," to nicknaming Brian Scalabrine, "The White Mamba," fans have shown up at the arena holding signs with many of King's sayings.

Hoops fans outside of Chicago -- those who watch via NBA League Pass which often features local telecasts -- don’t care for him much because they feel he’s a "homer" and not very objective about the team. But here at home, there’s nothing like hearing Stacey King call a Bulls game.

With basketball season just around the corner, King will be back alongside Neil Funk for every game. And with a brand new cast of characters on the roster, it’s going to be a lot of fun hearing what kinds of nicknames and slogans Stacey can come up with this year. 

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