Sox Fan Runs on Field, Caught Without Use of Taser

Phillies style force not needed

Security guards at U.S. Cellular field know how to take care of business. And they don't need tasers to do it.

Sox security proved as much during Thursday night's game against the Toronto Blue Jays. 

During the sixth inning a fan jumped over the fence and ran onto the field.  But he didn't get far because six burly security guards quickly closed in on him, reports the Chicago Tribune.

It was a much different scenario during a May 3rd Phillies game against the St. Louis Cardinals when a towel waving fan ran onto the field before Philadelphia police officer used his Taser gun to subdue him.

Responding to the incident, Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright told reporters “If you don’t want to get Tased, don’t go on the field. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting Tased if you’re on the field,"  reports Bloomberg News.

While many fans don’t agree with him and question the use of force, lots of athletes do. They remind those who think the officer was too harsh of the stabbing of tennis star Monica Seles in 1993 and the beating of Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa in 2002  - both attacked by rogue fans.

On Thursday, the Phillies announced that from now on only stadium security guards will handle field-runners.  But once subdued, police will step in, hand-cuff and haul-off the violators.

So far at U.S. Cellular field no such declarations are necessary.    The only thing Sox fans have to fear is Gordon Beckham’s scary batting average.

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