‘Only God Knows': Missing Suburban Landlord's Car Found Behind Abandoned Chicago Home

Kethireddy's son, Shantan, credited the tenants with helping in the investigation.

The white Prius of a missing suburban landlord was found Tuesday pushed into the weeds behind an abandoned house on Chicago's South Side. Now his family is offering a $10,000 reward for more information.

A neighbor's cell phone video shows police from the suburbs and Chicago swarming the area near near 63rd and May. A specially trained dog as well helped in the search for 76--year-old Vasudeva Kethireddy.

"He a sweet person kind person who ever did this to him please return him to his family," one of his tenants, Tasha Coleman, told NBC 5.

Coleman is one of his tenants in multiple properties he owns in Englewood. Other neighbors tell NBC 5 the proud grandfather who drove in regularly from Rolling Meadows to check on them always did what he could to help them.

The Chase bank at 69th Street and Ashland Avenue was the last place he was seen Saturday afternoon. Security video showed the landlord entering the bank to deposit rent money he had collected, withdrawing some cash and exiting.

Kethireddy's son, Shantan, credited the tenants with helping in the investigation.

"We talked to many of the tenants, they were all very forthcoming, very willing to help and very willing to talk to other folks in the community and help out," he said.

But for three days his father's car had been hidden almost in plain sight, a block and a half from the Englewood Police District.

A stone's throw from the Citgo where officers were seen following up on tips they received.

"They probably could have robbed him," tenant Rosie McCord said. "They knew he was picking up his money, what he was doing. Who knows? Only God knows."

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