Skokie Couple on Quest to Find Heroes Who Saved Man's Life at Tulip Festival

Three women did chest compressions on Paul Sabin after he collapsed at a local farm on Mother's Day.

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A couple from Skokie is hoping to find three heroes who saved a 73-year-old man’s life on Mother’s Day.

Paul and Sandra Sabin were attending a tulip festival at Richardson Farm in Spring Grove when Paul collapsed on the ground.

“I had some spots in my eyes for five or six seconds. I blinked, and they were gone. That was the only thing that was unusual,” Paul recounted. “I paid admission…that’s the last thing I remember.”

Sandra says three women left their own families to come to Paul’s assistance before she could even get close to him. She recalls having a conversation with one of them. During that conversation, she was told they were in the “medical field.”

“They just sprang into action, to help,” Sandra said. “One was a pharmacist, I believe. One was a physician’s assistant, and one was an EMT.”

But before Sandra and Paul got their names, they were gone.

“They stepped forward. The world today, with so much stuff going on, it’s amazing,” said Paul. “It’s amazing what they did.”

Paul and Sandra simply want to say “thank you” for saving Paul’s life.

Paul says he suffered a compression fracture on his back because of the fall. It’s still unclear why he had a seizure; he’s never had one before.

Paul and Sandra are waiting on results of various medical test to determine next steps.

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