Sketch of Man Wanted in CTA Death Released

Sally Katona-King died after being knocked down stairs by thief

Chicago police on Thursday released a sketch and a more detailed description of the man wanted for knocking down and killing a 68-year old woman at an El stop after stealing an iPhone.

Witnesses said the suspect grabbed the phone from another man on the Fullerton Station Monday, then took off running through the crowd, knocking Sally Katona-King down a staircase.

Katona-King died from multiple injuries and her death was ruled a homicide.

"Yesterday we had a more general description.  We certainly didn't want to discourage anyone from calling.  We're encouraged that there were several people that called [and] gave some good information... We're still following up on them and now that we have new information, we want to get out again and encourage people to call," said Cmdr. Gary Yamashiroya.

The sketch is based off the description from one eyewitness, police said.  Surveillance video is being reviewed to gain more information.

"I certainly want to encourage people who have businesses in the area to review their own video around the time that crime occurred or immediately after, and maybe they can find something on their own," said  Yamashiroya.

One Chicago Transit Authority surveillance camera hangs near the turnstile of the busy stop, but none exist on the platform where Katona-King was shoved down the stairs.

The updated description of the thief says he's a black man between the ages of 17 and 25.  He stands between 5 feet, 11 inches and 6 feet, inches and weighs between 170 to 221 pounds. 

He was wearing a black hat, blue jeans, and a black jacket with the letters "WS" written vertically on the back, police said.

Katona-King served as a deacon at the First Lutheran Church on West Fullerton Avenue and as a receptionist at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Metropolitan Chicago Synod on Dickens Avenue.

Congregations from 10 Evangelical Lutheran churches gathered Wednesday evening to honor her at the Mission of Christ Lutheran, at 1345 North Karlov Ave. It was an event she was supposed to attend with her pastor.

Anyone with information about the man in the sketch or the incident should call detectives at 312-744-8262.

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