Roskam Clarifies Signup Requirements For Tele-Town Halls After Repeated Questions

Congressman Peter Roskam is making changes for future telephone town halls after repeated questions from NBC 5 of how his Tele-Town Halls have been conducted.

In the past, those interested in participating had to register on Roskam's campaign website and agree to receive campaign emails, texts and other literature.

NBC 5 questioned if Roskam was using the information to later solicit donations and campaign mailers. A week after those initial questions were raised, David Pasch, Roskam's spokesman says "the following language was added to the Tele-Town Hall sign up page:

"The information provided will only be used for Roskam for Congress telephone town halls. It will not be shared with other organizations or used for fundraising purposes."

Roskam has said he wanted to avoid the "circus" atmosphere at recent Town Halls. Last week more than 18 thousand participated--500 new callers registered for the most recent Tele-Town Hall. There were complaints of dropped calls. Later Roskam's staff posted the audio of that Tele-Town Hall on his website, again there was a request to sign up for campaign emails and literature. However the audio of the Tele-Town Hall could be listened to without signing up for the campaign material.

The new disclaimer was posted Tuesday.

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