Mother of 11 Arrested for DUI 12 Times in 10 Years: Riverside PD

“She’s the poster child for alcohol related offenses,” said Police Chief Tom Weitzel

 A 41-year-old Minnesota woman was arrested—her 12th DUI-related arrest—Monday after she passed out behind the wheel at a suburban gas station, according to authorities.

Tasha Lynn Schleicher is the mother of 11 kids—all of whom have been taken away from her since October 2017, according to police.

Riverside police said they received the call at 9:27 p.m. and found Schleicher conscious, with an open bottle of Crown Royal in her 2005 Nissan Maxima near a gas station at 3346 South Harlem Avenue in Riverside. It appeared as though she had attempted to fill the vehicle up with kerosene, police said.

Authorities said she could not explain why she was in Illinois and insisted she was with her children but couldn’t find them. Schleicher claimed that she was dropping her 15-year-old son off in Cleveland, Indiana so he could “party” for Spring Break, police said.

In addition, officials said she lied about her name, age, social security number and claimed she was pregnant, which forced police to take her to the emergency room only to find out that was also false.

“She blew a 2.0 so that’s two and a half times the legal limit,” said Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel. “She’s the poster child for alcohol related offenses.”

Police said this has been an ongoing pattern for Schleicher since at least 2008 in 11 different states.

Authorities said in most, if not all states where she has been arrested, there have been varying efforts to help Schleicher who has previously admitted to having a host of issues.

She is being held in Cook County Jail on a warrant and will not be released, a spokesperson for the jail said.

Schleicher, of the 7700 block of 62nd Avenue in New Hope, Minnesota, was charged with felony aggravated drunk driving, misdemeanor drunk driving, driving without insurance, driving while her license was revoked and transportation of open alcohol while driving.

Police also said the 15-year-old is being returned to relatives in Minnesota.

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