Senator Hendon Quits

None too pleased with the outcome of Chicago's Municipal Election, State Sen. Rickey Hendon on Thursday resigned from his position.

"Tuesday was a Black political disaster!  I can't take it anymore," the erstwhile mayoral candidate said via text message.  He dropped out of the race in November.

In a letter to Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, the man nicknamed "Hollywood" Hendon due to his flashy style said he's "decided to call it a day and retire from this wonderful institution."

"I appreciate my constitutents and supporters and I pray that they will accept my decision and allow me to move on with my life," his letter stated.

The lights were out and no one was available at his Chicago office on Thursday afternoon.

He did not mention the federal grand jury investigation into the misuse of state grants.  While he's not been accused of any wrongdoing, at least some of the groups and people listed on subpeonas are linked to Hendon.

Hendon has served as senator for Illinois' 5th District since 1992.

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