Residents Outraged to Find Undelivered Mail in Lakeview

A couple in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood said they were shocked to find a bin full of undelivered mail when they went out to toss their trash Saturday.

“We fished it out of the dumpster and sure enough, it had mail for four different blocks inside of it,” explained Maggie Czerwien.

Czerwien said she checked her apartment building’s security camera where she noted a recording that appeared to be a postal worker tossing the mail in the trash.

“I was upset but I can’t say I was surprised,” she said.

She said that for at least the past year, mail delivery to her building had been a problem with packages that have gone missing and even mail that had been left on the front porch, and not inside of their locked mailboxes.

Czerwien said her neighbors have posted complaints to a Facebook group reporting that they also found*mail in the trash and even discovered that their mail had been opened before it arrived.

In a statement the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General issued a statement that said in part “As a matter of standard USPS OIG protocol, the USPS OIG does not confirm or refute information related to possible ongoing investigations. The USPS OIG takes allegations of delayed, discarded, lost, or stolen mail seriously and investigates those allegations vigorously.”

Residents say they simply want the issue resolved.

“I’m hoping that something will finally change with the post office or the mail delivery and the neighborhood,” Czerwien said. “It’s been a problem…people have been complaining about it for a long time. They need to have some changes.”

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