Rep. Robin Kelly Issues Gun Violence Report

In the wake of another violent Chicago weekend that left nearly 30 people wounded, Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) on Monday issued a report calling for tougher gun laws in the city and across the country.

"My goal was to compile a set of rational, legislative and community focused remedies to end the epidemic of gun violence afflicting our nation," Kelly said. "This comprehensive report on gun violence in America is a call to action for Congress."

The 66-page document, one of the first major studies of American gun violence, made a series of recommendations on addressing the issue, including establishing firearm restraining orders to allow the courts to take a firearm away from someone who is a danger to themselves or others.

It also calls for investing in smart gun technologies to prevent stolen guns from being used to commit crimes and repealing gun manufacturers’ immunity to allow gun violence victims to sue for damages.

On the same day, Chicago's police superintendent explained to the State Senate Committee that 60 percent of the illegal guns pouring into the city come from states outside Illinois with weaker gun laws.

"Simply stated," Supt. Garry McCarthy said. "Chicago's murder problem is a gun problem."

McCarthy said 20 percent of guns in Chicago come from gun dealers and the bulk of those comes from just four stores.

Recommendations were also made for stricter sentences for people who purchase guns for others and longer sentences for those who use guns when committing a crime.

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