Rahm On Wrigley Plan: “They Have Work to Do”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn't hide his objections Wednesday to the Chicago Cubs new plans for the expansion of Wrigley Field.

The Cubs plan to add five more outfield signs, in addition to two that have already been approved along with a new underground bullpen.

The Cubs' brass say the project will be ready to present to the Commission on Chicago Landmarks on June 5, but City Hall doesn't like surprises.

"You don't take something that's been there for a hundred years and just try to rush it in a week," Emanuel said. "There've been a lot of discussions and that will not be on the schedule, or the docket for next week's Landmark Commission."

The Ricketts family believes its their right to update Wrigley as they see fit because they plan to pay for the updates.

"Putting a sign up at your building? I can promise you they probably put a sign up last year at Soldier Field or inside the United Center ... I'm sure this many people weren't there," Cubs president of business operations Crane Kenney said at a Tuesday news conference.

The Cubs say they won't negotiate with the rooftop owners anymore about the placement of signs on the stadium. The issue will likely be settled in court.

"I wish both parties would get together and resolve the issue because I think it's in their mutual interest and let alone the interest of the city," Emanuel said.

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